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Tutorial #2 - My favorite coloring technique

Here's a tutorial featuring my favorite coloring technique. I use this on almost all of my icons, as I like most of them to have a deep, rich coloring. It's really simple, and can be used with any image-editing program (aka translatable).

We'll be going from this:  to this:

Step One: I used a pre-made base by vixx_graphics, but if you're using a screencap: crop, resize, sharpen, etc. However you prepare your bases.

Step Two: Copy your base three times. Set the first copy to screen at 100%. Set the second copy to soft light at 100%. Set the third copy to multiply at 100%.

Step Three: Make a new curves layer (layers>>new adjustment layer>>curves) and use something similar to these settings (this is just a guide; these exact settings won't work for every icon):


Step Three: Make a new color balance layer (layers>>new adjustment layer>>color balance) and use something similar to these settings (again, just a guide - do whatever works best for your particular icon)


Make sure that the "preserve luminance" box is checked.

And you're done! Below are some alternatives to this method.

- Sometimes I simply duplicate the base twice (or three times depending on how dark it is) set the first (and second, ect., depending on how dark it is) to screen and the topmost to soft light, all at 100%.

- To give the icon a more redish coloring, I make the green and blue channels in the curves layer curve downward; and the green and blue in the color balance layer in the negative numbers.

Whichever way you use this tutorial, I hope it's helpful. Enjoy!

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